The ColourBrain® Paint 4.0 inspection system is a technological leader in the inspection of painted components - semi-finished products or finished furniture fronts. By means of Q-Brain® classification, the paint defects are assigned to one of the groups "orange peel", "pinhole/hole", " shrink hole", "inclusion/pimple", paint defect", "edge defect".

The system can be used both in series production and in batch 1 production for defect detection and process optimization.

Your advantages at a glance:

Product data

Inspection objects Lacquered furniture boards - Spray, roller and curtain technology
Surface Matt to high gloss
Components heights 8-60 mm
Production speed 0-30 m/min
Material flow types Component carpet or traces
Note: The technical details and product data only show an extract from our technical specifications.


Site of operation

These systems can be applied in different production lines:

Defect detection

Your production efficiently designed

The ColourBrain® ReworkStation is the cornerstone of an efficient batch-1 manufacturing. After scanning, all inspected components are provided with a barcode and the underlying defect logs are stored in a Q-Live® database. Defective components are ejected at a defined location by means of I/O signals and the defects are interrogated using the barcode. The quality responsible is now directly shown on the user interface the defect type and the position. A quick assessment of whether reworking is possible or must be directly re-produced can be done. A merger of several production lines in one rework station is possible.
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