The ColourBrain® DigitalPrint 4.0 inspection system is used in a wide variety of industries - applications include single-pass printing on flooring planks, packaging, textiles and films with variable motifs and batch sizes. Defects such as head failures, nozzle defects, colour inhomogeneity, stains, and substrate defects are reliably detected, classified, and assigned to the cause in the process. The results of the evaluation are determined in real time. And build the basis for production decisions and serve as decision support for cleaning or compensation measures at the printing system. During the evaluation, it is additionally assessed whether a detected defect is disturbing or lies below the human perception level. The aim is to avoid unnecessary production stops and the associated loss of productivity. With new algorithmic approaches characteristic print features are compared with the original data and deviations in the colour and in the printed image are detected.

Your benefits at a glance:

Product data

Inspection objects Rigid or flexible materials as web or board
Inspection widths typically 400-2.500 mm, scalable
Substrate thickness 0-60 mm, variable by automatic height adjustment
Production speed 0-120 m/min higher speeds on request
Production process Industrial production in inkjet single-pass digital printing
Supported Transport Systems Belt strap, surface belt, roller transport with calibrated rollers, endless
Note: The technical details and product data only show an extract from our technical specifications.


Your benefits

Defect Classification
  • Distinction in aesthetic, process and printing system defects. Assignment of defects to the cause and process colour.
Direct Response
  • Direct status feedback for process optimization (e.g., nozzle failure, colour deviations, print inhomogeneities).
Digital or learned reference
  • The check is carried out optionally by comparison with good objects or by the comparison with characteristic image features on the basis of the print data.
Complete overview
  • We provide a complete and objective overview of your printing process through reports, statistics and comparison.
Automatic colour match
  • Automatic check of the colour deviation during reprinting and adjustment to the approved "Digital Master".
Automatic calibration
  • The system provides automatic analysis of test charts for periodic verification and calibration of print quality.
Evaluation of visibility
  • Each defect is automatically evaluated for its visibility to the human eye.

Defect detection


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