Inspection of your HPL sheets and compact boards in the multi-opening press line or your CPL webs after the double belt press
The ColourBrain® HPL inspection system is the technological leader in the inspection of both sides of decorative laminate - whether in the form of HPL sheets or CPL webs as coating material or compact panels for interior fittings or facades.

The system can be used both in batch production and in batch 1 production for defect detection and process optimization.

Your advantages at a glance:

Product data

Inspection objects HPL/CPL und Compact boards
Component heights 8-60 mm
Production speed 0-80 m/min
Material flow types Serie in tracks, Los 1
Note: The technical details and product data only show an extract from our technical specifications.


Your production efficiently designed

The ColourBrain® ReworkStation is the cornerstone of an efficient batch-1 manufacturing. After scanning, all inspected components are provided with a barcode and the underlying defect logs are stored in a Q-Live® database. Defective components are ejected at a defined location by means of I/O signals and the defects are interrogated using the barcode. The quality responsible is now directly shown on the user interface the defect type and the position. A quick assessment of whether reworking is possible or must be directly re-produced can be done. A merger of several production lines in one rework station is possible.
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