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Focus on the edge together with Alpnachnorm

Focus on the edge together with the leading specialist in the field of storage furniture in Switzerland Alpnach Schränke AG

Many thanks for the successful Factory Acceptance Test of your edge inspection at our site in Constance! We look forward to a successful final acceptance test at your factory in the near future.


Baumer at IWF Atlanta

We shown you how to optimize your processes, save costs and resources with our #ColourBrain systems at the International Woodworking Fair LLC in Atlanta!

Thank you for visit at our booth!


Material savings between 40 and 50% - sounds interesting?

When workpieces pass through a production process fully automatically, any defects are only noticed very late. Namely, only when an employee is involved for a visual inspection. Unless, of course, an inspection system performs this task during the ongoing process. The office furniture manufacturer Hali has decided to go this route and invested in a system from Baumer Inspection.
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