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Successful Acceptance at Borne Furniture

Successful acceptance of a ColourBrain® Paint - our automatic optical inspection system for roller coated furniture components in multitrack operation at Borne Furniture.

Thanks to Borne Furniture for the great cooperation and we look forward to a successful partnership.


Digitalization and data analysis as driving force

For more than 30 years, Baumer Inspection has been optimizing many productions in the wood-based materials and furniture industry with optical inspection systems. The change from batch production to batch size 1 production is once again bringing automated workpiece troubleshooting to the forefront. "möbelfertigung" visited the company at its headquarters in Constance.


Customized system solution for plank inspection at Meisterwerke

Together with MEISTERWERKE, Baumer has developed a special solution for plank inspection that is suited for the large variety of MEISTER products.

On April '21 the 1st inspection system was installed, the 2nd system has been put into operation on September '21.
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