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Let´s Boule - He came, threw and won.

At our boules match last Friday, we have 3 winners to record. In addition, there was a lot of laughter and in the case of unclear ball distances, the folding rule was sometimes brought to the aid. 

According to the motto: "You have to measure what is measurable and make it measurable, what is not yet measurable" (Galileo Galilei).


Time to say goodbye

Last week we said goodbye to our esteemed colleague Raphael after almost 16 years at Baumer Inspection in a well-deserved retirement. He was our construction manager and known for his optimistic and cheerful nature.

We thank him for his ideas, his knowledge and his power at the many "Constance Old Town Runs" and wish him only the best and a happy, fulfilling and especially healthy future. Have fun with the Zeppelin flight! 


Rethinking floor inspection with innovative camera and lighting technology

The inspection of laminate flooring planks has been part of Baumer Inspection’s portfolio since 2003, which comprises inspection systems for process control and defect detection of furniture panels, decorative papers, floorboards and surface or edges of furniture parts worldwide. With the further development of the ColourBrain Flooring system, the change and trend in laminate flooring production towards structured surfaces with the natural appearance of a wood structure were taken into account.

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