With the inspection system ColourBrain® RawBoard 4.0, Baumer sets new standards in the double-sided inspection of chipboards and MDF / HDF boards. Typical process errors such as grinding defects, damage to the surface and in the edge area as well as contamination caused by oil, water or dust spots are stably identified. Using standardized interfaces, the ColourBrain® RawBoard 4.0 inspection system can be easily and quickly integrated into customary line controls.

The slim design and the concept of a „self-sufficient unit“ lead to a significantly reduced space requirement in the production environment. The new and unique illumination module in combination with the proven, in-house developed line scan camera results in a powerful inspection unit that reliably detects surface defects at the highest transport speeds and in harsh environmental conditions.

Your benefits at a glance:

Product data

Inspection objects Wood Fiber Board - MDF/HDF, chipboard
Component widths 4, 6, 8, 9 fts.
Component heights 2-60 mm, variable by automatic height adjustment
Production speed 0-150 m/min
Material flow types Single track series
Supported Transport Systems Belt strap, surface belt, roller transport with calibrated rollers
Note: The technical details and product data only show an extract from our technical specifications.


Your benefits

Fast Installation & Easy to Maintain
  • The delivery of a pre-set system ensures a short installation & commissioning. In addition, the ease of cleaning and maintenance, due to the closed system structure with integrated cleaning, contributes to high system availability.
Low Space Requirement in your Production
  • The compact design allows fast installation into your production environment. The system is available in three system sizes and thus adapts to your production conditions.
Planning and Investment Security
  • Should your requirements change, thanks to our modular system design, extensions are possible at any time - hardware as well as software side.
Flexible Connectivity
  • High flexibility through predefined interface protocols for machine-to-machine communication.
Integration in your Transport System
  • The integration of our system into your existing transport system, reduces your acquisition costs and allows to place the system in any production line in the world.
Intuitive & Ease of Use
  • The user interface provides an easy-to-understand overview about complex information and focuses on it to the essentials for the plant operator.

Defect detection


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