Whether for inspecting doors, door frames, profile moldings, baseboards, wall or ceiling panels - our portfolio includes numerous standard systems and customized solutions for monitoring and improving the quality of your production.
Inspection of foil laminated door leaves

ColourBrain Door 4.0 - This double-sided inspection of both door leaves and the inspection of the folded edges, each with two additional smaller inspection units with integrated camera and LED lights, detects, among other things, film defects such as cracks, folds, inclusions, open film joint, overlaps, film release and missing film.
Inspection of Compact Boards
The ColourBrain HPL/CPL system inspects both sides of compact boards for their use in wet areas or sanitary facilities, for example. It detects decorating defects such as inclusions or damage such as dents and bumps.
Inspection of HPL/CPL
The ColourBrain HPL system checks HPL / CPL for their use as coating material. It detects decorating defects such as inclusions or damage such as dents and bumps.
Inspection of ceiling tiles

Painted mineral fiber ceiling tiles are inspected on the visible side for damage, such as dirt, paint and wood residues, corner and edge defects, pressure points, paint drops and missing sand. In addition, small inspection heads with integrated camera and LED lights inspect the painted visible edges of the ceiling tiles for defects such as paint defects or mechanical defects on the visible edge.
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