The ColourBrain® Panel 4.0 system is the small and smart version for the optical inspection of uncoated and melamine-paper coated fiberboards after pressing and edge trimming in the longitudinal run. FlashingSky® technology enables precise evaluation - independent of the conveyor belt you are using. Due to the reduced size to the minimum, the system can be easily integrated into your existing transport. The components are inspected on both sides for decor defects and damages with a reliable and stable detection performance. A distinction can be made between process-related defects, such as heat streaks or paper misalignment, or
sporadic individual defects, such as contamination. Inspection of the synchronous pores is already integrated in the system.

The offset between decor and embossing structure is determined and nontolerable offsets are alarmed.

Your benefits at a glance:

Product data

Inspection objects Fiberboard uncoated or coated (paper, foil) - Particleboard, MDF, HDF
Produktionsgeschwindigkeit 0-100 m/min (non-slip)
Components height 8-60 mm
Working height 950 mm
Material flow types Series
Supported transport systems Belt conveyor or calibrated, rubberized rollers
Note: The technical details and product data only show an extract from our technical specifications.


Your benefits

Cost reduction through process optimization

By alarming systematic defects at an early stage, their cause can be eliminated and thus costs can be reduced.

Low Space Requirement in your Production

Due to the small installation length and the low working height, less space is required in your production line.

Low investment costs

Due to our FlashingSky® technology, the use of a standard belt or roller conveyor is sufficient. Due to intelligent evaluation functions, no extensive cleaning is necessary. Due to the retained EIR evaluation function, no further system extensions are necessary.

Integration into your Transport system

The integration of our system into your existing transport system, reduces your purchase costs and allows you to place the system at any location within the production line.

Intuitive & Ease of Use

The user interface provides an easy-to-understand overview about complex information and focuses on it to the essentials for the plant operator.

Flexible Connectivity

High flexibility through predefined interface protocols for machine-to-machine communication to other systems within your production line.

Defect detection


Perfect extension

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