If you discover an interesting job, simply contact us and send us your application documents via our online portal. In the first step, all you need is your CV.
Have you been invited to a meeting?

If you are well prepared you can comfortably and confidently attend to it. The following questions may help you get prepared.

  1. Why Baumer Inspection?
    Collect information about your future job and Baumer Inspection. What appeals to you and what would you like to find out more about? You are welcome to bring along some questions and issues important to you.
  2. Why you?
    What distinguishes you as a person? Why are you suitable for the job? What skills will you bring along and what experience have you collected.
  3. What do you get excited about?
    What motivates you? What subject areas would you like to promote?
  4. Be curious!
    We are curious and hope that you are too. Therefore use the opportunity to ask us all your questions. Be yourself, because we want to get to know you as a person. In the meeting we want to clarify our mutual expectations and find out if we are suited for each other.
Our selection process:
We would like to find out whether you are suitable for us and whether we are suitable for you in an individual process. Usually, we apply the following three steps in various forms to make sure that the process is as simply and targeted as possible for both sides.
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