Sep 27, 2021

Baumer presents the latest technology for modern flooring production and with ColourBrain® Panel 4.0 an optimal product extension for the coating line.

Do you have a really good overview of the quality in your production? Can you automatically detect the defects in your production and assign them to the cause in the process? This is exactly where the solutions from Baumer Inspection come in. By using automatic, optical inspection systems, qualitative production deviations become visible and with the help of evaluation statistics, well-founded decisions can be made for process optimization.

ColourBrain® Flooring 4.0 - Latest technology for modern flooring production

With the ColourBrain® Flooring 4.0 inspection system, Baumer Inspection has reconsidered flooring inspection and is once again setting standards in the inspection of melamine-coated floorboards or LVT, SPC and other materials. The latest, innovative camera and lighting technologies are used, which provide impressive inspection results, including deep surface structures, edge chipping and overlay defects. This means that even the smallest defects are detected objectively, almost independently of decor and structure. Another new feature is the «smart grading», an improved detection of e.g. overlying particles, loose milling residues and their corresponding tolerance. A new, intuitive user interface via touch screen rounds off the new complete package. With the help of standardized interfaces, the powerful ColourBrain® Flooring 4.0 inspection system can be easily and quickly integrated into commercially available line control systems and ensures the highest inspection performance even at the highest transport speeds and under harsh environmental conditions. The slim design as well as the concept of the «self-sufficient unit» lead to a significantly reduced space requirement in the production environment. 

It is ideally complemented by the ColourBrain® V-Shape 4.0 systems for checking the bevel coating of the V joint directly after varnish application in the profiling line and ColourBrain® Clip for checking correct clip insertion directly after clip assembly. 

ColourBrain® Panel 4.0 - compact, simple & intuitive for the coating line

The ColourBrain® Panel 4.0 inspection system is the technologically leading, smart version in the inspection of both sides of uncoated and melaminepaper-coated fiberboards (e.g. particleboard, MDF, HDF) after pressing and edge trimming. The components are inspected on both sides for decorative defects and damages - a distinction can be made between process-related and sporadic defects. The results of the inspection are impressive: Surface defects such as bubbles, dents, fine cracks or heat streaks are precisely detected in the smallest degree - whether diagonally or transversely to the feed direction and completely independent of the decor. In addition, the inspection of the synchronous pore is already integrated in the standard configuration - the offset between the decor and the embossing structure can be determined and an alarm is triggered if the offset is intolerable.

Due to the innovative FlashingSky® technology, a precise evaluation is possible - regardless of which conveyor belt is in use, therefore a vacuum transport can usually be dispensed with. Since the system automatically classifies and tolerates any particles lying on top, no time-consuming cleaning is necessary. The even slimmer size and the fact that no special transport and cleaning technology is required guarantee a low space requirement in the throughput direction and therefore even easier integration into existing production lines. The system availability is maximized due to the ease of maintenance.

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