May 21, 2021

All-round inspection of door leaves including rebates and edge profiles

Translation of the German article in "TÜREN Magazin 2021":

Baumer Inspection GmbH from Constance - globally successful with inspection systems for the wood-based materials industry - has expanded its portfolio to include the "all-round" inspection of foil-laminated door leaves.

With the ColourBrain® Door 4.0 system, the two large surfaces of the door leaves from above and below as well as the edge profiles and rebates are scanned with two smaller inspection heads per door edge and checked for film defects such as wrinkles, inclusions, cracks, offsets, overlaps, incorrect gluing, and more.

Scanning simultaneously produces a decor image and a structure image of the edge. The structure image reflects the topography of the surface so that damage is detected and evaluated independently of the design. 
The following figure shows an example of a door leaf profile and the camera arrangement (viewing angle) in an edge processing machine (top) as well as the inspection areas of the profile detected by the two cameras respectively (red and green).

Via a data interface, the inspection system for automatic product change receives the information about the edge profile currently to be inspected with the uniquely learned and set inspection areas resulting from the different height levels and viewing angles in the profile.

Fig. 4 shows a section of the camera scan with the different inspection areas along a door leaf edge with rebate. The scan corresponds to the yellow viewing angle of the left camera from Fig.2.
Thanks to the large depth of field of the cameras used, the small defects are reliably detected and alerted even in the inner rebate. In Fig. 4, this is exemplified by a crack and fold in the rebate as well as a gluing defect between the large surface of the door leaf and the rebate.

The grouping of the various defects (grading) takes place via adjustable tolerances. In addition to display and alarming, door leaves with intolerable defects can be marked, e.g. electronically in the form of a defect map and / or physically with a label or by inkjet.

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