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  • Inspection of digital printed web or board.

Inspection in your single-pass printing line.

More than just an image comparison.

The inspection system ColourBrain® DigitalPrint 4.0  is a surface control at Single-Pass digital printing lines and adaptableon various ink or printer systems. It is based upon Baumer inspection cameras and upon the FlashingSky® Technology to guarantee a perfect contrast for every kind of flaw.

ColourBrain® DigitalPrint 4.0  is inspecting the printed surface with an extremely high resolution to detect every missing or interrupted nozzle.

  • Board and web inspection up to 720dpi resolution and up to 150m/min printing speed.
  • Optimization of quality and process control.
  • Quality control of any digital printed materials, like foil or paper, particle boards or glass.
  • Classification of defects according to their cause and identification of the printing head and the position of nozzles causing the flaws.
  • The system constantly monitor the printing process and trigger an alarm in case of serial defects.