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  • Double-side inspection of surfaces.

  • Inline colour control.

  • Flooring inspection after profiling.

  • High speed scanning and high sensitivity for safe defect detection.

  • Process analysis and optimization with Q-Brain®.

Surface Inspection ColourBrain®

ColourBrain® inspection systems automatically detect defects, monitor the production process and continuously measure the colour impression and printing sharpness for papers or decor foils, check the furniture board directly after lamination and check each floor plank and furniture element for the smallest surface and edge defects.

We will be happy to show you installations of systems for inspecting the following:

  • Laminated MDF or HDF boards in short-cycle press lines,
  • High gloss lacquering of furniture parts,
  • HPL or CPL films or boards,
  • Carcass elements and fronts,
  • Decor papers or foils.