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Digitalization with Q-Live®

ColourBrain® inspection systems provide around-the-clock data on production quality and reject rates of each production line and every step of the production process. With the Q-Live® database the different sorting results are continuously stored and analyzed. Rejects can be avoided, weaknesses are detected, production issues are counteracted fast and in time.

Powerful Analysis.

  • Q-Live® database for the statistical analysis of defect types and frequencies
  • Logging and visualization of detected defects
  • Analysis without interruption of current production
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for single, all or selected systems
  • Prioritize the optimization based on the analyzed defects


Networked Systems.

  • Remote access to any inspection system
  • Location-independent control system for networking the inspection systems (multi-site)
  • Ensuring quality management - Standardized or individual quality rules for all production lines


Ease of Use and Secure Integration.

  • Clear and intuitive user interface
  • Easy and fast integration into the existing system landscape
  • Solutions for separating machine and IT networks
  • Q-Live® system logs of all connected inspection systems