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  • Defect detection with the highest precision.

  • Control of stability of production process.

  • Automatic inspection of decor paper and foil.

Surface inspection and measurement of web material.

ColourBrain®DecoInspector  systems are installed in decor paper, foil and film production lines. Fast line scan camera systems detect any defects with maximum precision and can be adjusted to any product and surface quickly and easily.

The Q-Brain® classification system automatically assigns each defect in the process to its cause and creates the conditions for process analysis and process optimisation.

Q-Live® networks our ColourBrain®  systems together and records the quality of products around the clock - per shift, per product and per production batch.


The highlights:

  • Surface inspection with the maximum resolution for gravure and digital printing.
  • Inline colour control and print monitoring.
  • Process analysis and optimisation with Q-Brain®.