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  • Small and compact camera modules with integrated LED illumination.

  • Robust camera modules for all edgebanders.

Edge control as an integral part of your edge banding machine.

Small, compact camera heads with integrated LED illumination check each edge during furniture and flooring production with the maximum resolution and scan rate. ColourBrain®Edge  modules check furniture edges for the smallest melamine and glued joint defects directly in the edging machine.

The Q-Brain® classification system automatically assigns each defect in the process to its cause and creates the conditions for process analysis and process optimisation.

Q-Live® networks our ColourBrain®Edge  systems together and records the quality of products around the clock - per shift, per product and per production batch.


The highlights:

  • 100% quality inspection for serial as well as batch size one production.
  • Compact and robust camera modules for all edge banding and flooring lines.
  • Process analysis and optimisation with Q-Brain®.