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  • Detection of mis-lacquered bevelled edges.

  • Kantenmodule zur Qualitätskontrolle.

Focus on the edge.

Small, compact camera heads with integrated LED illumination check each edge during flooring production with the maximum resolution and scan rate. ColourBrain®  edge modules check the lacquering of V-joints and the right positioning of clips in flooring lines.

ColourBrain®V-Shape 4.0  monitoring the bevel coating for longitudinal and transversal edges in the profiling line, directly after the unit for bevel coating. Extremely fast line scan cameras record the coating of the bevelled edge for completeness and quality with highest resolution and scanrate.

ColourBrain®Clip  monitors the correct assembly of the plastic clips after profiling and clip insertion and detect automatically all missing, displaced or broken clips and rejects the defective planks prior to packing.

The Q-Brain® classification system automatically assigns each defect in the process to its cause and creates the conditions for process analysis and process optimisation.

Q-Live® networks our ColourBrain®Flooring  systems together and records the quality of products around the clock - per shift, per product and per production batch.


The highlights:

  • Compact and protected camera module for installation directly after coating.
  • Extremly fast scanning for monitoring coating at 250m/min.
  • Inspection of the cross profiles for correct insertion of clip.