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  • Inspection with new developed, high sensitive camera modules.

  • Automatic inspection and process monitoring in panel production.

Automatic optical inspection and process monitoring in board production.

In PANELsystems, special cameras developed by Baumer are used so even at a high speed rate, very high definition is guaranteed. With the patented FlashingSky®  technology, images can be taken from different angles for all kind of surface damages to be detected.

Our systems are installed in HPL production processes or in laminating and lacquering lines. Newly developed, ultra-sensitive camera modules reliably detect heat streaks, scratches, blemishing or displaced paper; with maximum speed and precision. We will find the appropriate solution for your application!

The Q-Brain® classification system automatically assigns each defect in the process to its cause and creates the conditions for process optimisation and the avoidance of waste.

Q-Live® networks our ColourBrain®  systems together and records the quality of products around the clock - per shift, per product and per production batch.


The highlights:

  • Innovative LED lighting systems
  • Single or double-sided surface inspection
  • Scanner modules with the highest sensitivity to detect the smallest defects.
  • Process analysis and optimisation with Q-Brain®.

ColourBrain® MFC 4.0 - board inspection at Nolte