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Normally, this would be a flowery introductory text. At Baumer, however, we like it short, concise and, above all, honest. Therefore, here in a nutshell, what you can expect during your training with us: first-rate training structure. Competent, easily accessible trainers. Modern equipment. School support. Learning something new every week. Mistakes are okay. Together, we design the your path.

Apprenticeships at a glance

Trial & Pupil Internship

Trial Internship

Still not quite sure which training to choose? You will find out in a trial internship. Under «Apprenticeships at a glance» you can see in which areas we can offer trial internships. In this context, please be sure to check whether your preferred apprenticeship is offered at your desired location. Only if a location provides training for the profession a trial internship can be offered.

Pupil Internship

We are happy to offer students the opportunity to get to know different areas of work as part of pupil internships. Whether compulsory from school or on a voluntary basis - you are welcome to contact us and we will check possible assignments.

Information regarding your application

The «Vacancies» button will take you to our job market. Please submit an unsolicited application via the button "Unsolicited application" containing the following information:

Theses & internship semesters for students

For students, we also offer a range of innovative and exciting topics that can be worked on as part of final theses and practical semesters:

Our current topics in the field of AI and machine learning:

Our current topics in the area of image processing: