Innovative 3D technology with directed line lasers enable to detect further defects.
The ColourBrain® Edge 3D is a revised system for the inspection of glued and lasered edge bands on furniture parts. For example, too high edge bands are detected or even geometric features such as grooves and drill holes are recognized as such and distinguished from defects. In addition, defects such as edge breakouts on veneered edges or on real wood are visible. The ColourBrain® Edge 3D system can be used in both, series production and batch-1 production for defect detection and process optimization, complementing the ColourBrain® Furniture 4.0 system in an perfect way. As part of the product care, the heat dissipation has also been optimized so that the size of the system is more compact. The outstanding strength of the ColourBrain® Edge 3D lies in the detection of topographic defects. For this purpose directed line lasers are used.

Your benefits at a glance:

Product data

Inspection objects Glued and lasered edge bands, veneer ribbon, real wood edges on furniture parts
Components widths/lengths 100-5.000 mm
Components heights 6-60 mm
Production speed 0-100 m/min
Material flow types Series, batch-1
Note: The technical details and product data only show an extract from our technical specifications.

Your benefits

Easily integrated into your edge bander
  • The compact design allows fast installation into your edge banding machine.
Fast Installation & Easy to Maintain
  • The delivery of a pre-set system ensures a short installation & commissioning.
Planning and Investment security
  • Should your requirements change, thanks to our modular system design, extensions are possible at any time - hardware as well as software side.
Flexible connectivity
  • High flexibility through predefined interface protocols for machine-to-machine communication.

Intuitive & Ease of Use.

  • The user interface provides an easy-to-understand overview about complex information and focuses on it to the essentials for the plant operator.

Site of operation

Defect detection

Your production efficiently designed

The ColourBrain® ReworkStation is the cornerstone of an efficient batch-1 manufacturing. After scanning, all inspected components are provided with a barcode and the underlying defect logs are stored in a Q-Live® database. Defective components are ejected at a defined location by means of I/O signals and the defects are interrogated using the barcode. The quality responsible is now directly shown on the user interface the defect type and the position. A quick assessment of whether reworking is possible or must be directly re-produced can be done. A merger of several production lines in one rework station is possible.
Process Security
  • The direct and immediate intervention in the production allows for the rapid and efficient reduction of residues and accelerates your supply chain.
Process Optimization
  • The surface & edge inspection guides you in optimizing your production. The ColourBrain® ReworkStation is a helpful extension to optimize your batch-1 production.


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